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MoDS4EDU provides a web-based solution that places your evaluations onto your equipment for ease of use and significant time savings.

Your choice of a teacher performance measure will be based on district needs, consensus among administrators and teachers, and possibly direction from state authorities. Commonly used measures are publicly available and employ an observation framework with variations on domains, components and elements with graded rubrics to support observation conclusions. We think that measure providers make choices more complex than they need to be. In our experience, successful evaluations result because teachers and administrators identify and agree on what is important to drive student achievement in their school. Those are the defined measures that are used consistently for the school in MoDS4EDU. It is simply true that any teacher, regardless of years of service, can improve if given clear and meaningful feedback from a trusted evaluator. The measure is not the central issue; communicating with the teacher is! MoDS4EDU’s web-based service solves the challenges that concern administrators:

• Observation tools can be complex and lengthy. Walkthroughs, by definition, mean many observations over time. They can be an administrative nightmare.

• Manual or template-based solutions are cumbersome, create paperwork and leave behind unorganized data, filed away, not useful information.

MoDS4EDU makes complex measures easy to navigate with any web-based device. MoDS4EDU stores observation data for you, available via easy to generate reports.

What Educators are saying about us...

"Cuts my teacher evaluation time by 50-60%." - Wisconsin Elementary School Principal
"...impressive and so easy to use." - Minnesota Middle School Principal