immediate teacher performance reviews...

Capture consistent teacher
performance observations using measures chosen by the school. Maintain performance information for teacher feedback and school/district planning.


professional and student performance...

Together, teachers and principals
can set a clear, data-based, course of action for professional and student performance improvement. Information maintained over time allows all stake-holders to understand performance changes.


support professional growth and achievement...

Use consistent observations
over time to discuss performance against expectations with teachers and school PLCs. Agree on development action steps that support professional growth and achievement of student learning objectives.


improve with documented perfermance...

Teachers, schools and districts can
improve when measured results can be compared to documented performance in a data-driven and collaborative environment.



How much does MoDS4EDU cost?
MoDS4EDU is priced as an annual subscription service, no contract is required. Prices are based on school/district size and are deemed affordable to small districts with limited budgets. Please contact us to discuss pricing for your school, or district.

Who are the primary users of MoDS4EDU?
MoDS4EDU is very scalable and flexible so any size school or district can realize the benefits. Many of MoDS4EDU users are small neighboring rural schools that struggle with limited financial resources and will be required to meet increasing state mandates. Together they can cooperate on professional development initiatives and track progress using data provided by MoDS4EDU. Mid-sized districts who have established policies on staff assessments use MoDS4EDU because it delivers consistent and objective results and provides historical data to support professional development decisions.

What are the technical requirements for MoDS4EDU?
MoDS4EDU works on any Internet capable device. There are no licenses, training, or support contracts. All data is securely stored outside of the school network. There is no technical involvement required on the part of the school IT staff.

Can I try MoDS4EDU before I make a decision?
Yes, it’s very easy to try MoDS4EDU to see if it meets your needs. Send us a list of teachers and a copy of your school’s measure, or measures. We’ll contact you with access information and you can get started.

What Educators are saying about us...

"MoDS4EDU saves our principals much more than an hour per teacher assessment." - District HR Director

"...impressive and so easy to use." - Middle School Principal

"It has the features that allow us to identfiy areas of improvement/strength as a district that can be laid beside student achievement" - District HR Director

Evaluations made easy...

• Observation feedback is faster and easier.
• No more transcribing notes, or hard-to-use template.
• Each school uses its own evaluation measure.
• Use any Internet-capable mobile device.
• Reports are easy to use and provide data for action.
• Nothing to buy, no contract, no data storage issues.




Minnesota Association of School Administrators

Endorsed by the Minnesota Association of School Administrators