Teacher Observation and Evaluation Principal and teacher collaboration Teacher evaluation Result based evaluation

MoDS4EDU maintains and reports information useful for data-based planning and action.

MoDS4EDU creates a measurable inventory of teaching skills; those skills among the current team, skills that are being developed, and skills that correlate with the primary objective of educational excellence.


Collaboration among teachers and administrators, supported by measurable achievement, supports the mutual goal of educational excellence. MoDS4EDU creates a constantly growing repository of information about teaching performance observed over time.


Resources can be targeted to more effectively achieve district goals. Teachers with specific skill sets can be effectively paired with developing teachers. Teachers can be identified for needed support and guidance. Teaching improvement can be analyzed in light of training received. MoDS4EDU provides strategic value to districts as a data repository of observation results over time.

What Educators are saying about us...

"Better use of technology is needed, especially with teacher evaluation and their personal development." -Wisconsin State Superintendent.