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MoDS4EDU delivers a cost-effective, simple to implement, easy to use solution that helps schools improve the staff evaluation process to positively impact student achievement.

The ultimate goal of any school is to continually improve student achievement. There is no argument that it can’t happen without good teachers and staff. MoDS4EDU helps a school collect and report on teacher and staff performance, using the criteria that has been agreed to by all the school’s stakeholders.


There are, and always will be, ways and techniques in vogue, for observing and evaluating teachers. MoDS4EDU can accommodate whatever the school selects. There are no associated costs for consulting, training, or support. A school that uses MoDS4EDU is able to get immediate reports and build a repository of objective data for improved results. It is a solution that has been built with guidance from school administrators to be simple and efficient. MoDS4EDU affordably delivers results.

What Educators are saying about us...

"MoDS4EDU is easy and efficient. It provides the core service without being embedded in a much more complex system." - MN Association of School Administrators